Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

To leverage the power of data and analytics to create a meaningful impact" and to us that includes contributing to helping make a change in our community and society at large. Nothing excites us more than recognizing our potential to make an impact to the growth and reputation of India. Towards this, we have partnered with 2 organizations that are focused on strengthening primary education within the country, thereby placing our efforts towards enabling better education for the future generations of the country.

321 Education Foundation aims at enabling teacher development of educators and teachers at lower income private through programs that are designed at 321. As part of this effort, 321 runs a program called Ignite that provides skill development and coaching support for teachers over 2 years. Their programs run in Mumbai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad.

Over the past few months, our employees have been supporting the Monitoring and Evaluation team at 321 Foundation to streamline and improve design of feedback and information systems around the Ignite programs to drive better program outcomes. In addition, we have also recently begun partnering with schools that are part of the Ignite program to deliver cultural programs.


Gyan Prakash Foundation is a social change organization working with government schools in rural Maharashtra to enable a systemic change in the mindset towards education across all stakeholders involved in primary education including teachers, school committees, principals, government administration officials and private institutions. Their current focus is to strengthen education facilities for underprivileged children in Velhe, Pune as well as the districts of Nandurbar and Parbhani.

As part of their initiative, Gyan Prakash Foundation aims to create better understanding of the correlation between the capability demonstrated by teachers and performance of the children they teach. This understanding would help drive more focused effort and support within the education system for teacher development. A team from Ugam has been working with Gyan Prakash to help analyze the qualitative and quantitative data they have available thus far and suggest improvements to make the analysis impactful and actionable.


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