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Ugam is a leading next-gen analytics company that helps retailers, brands, distributors and market research firms transform big data into valuable insights.

The company’s offering combines a proprietary big data technology platform with deep domain knowledge and analytics expertise to empower clients to make decisions that improve their business. For retailers, online marketplaces and brands, Ugam supports better merchandising, marketing and channel management decisions through the use of analytics. For market research firms and insight-based consultancies, Ugam offers a portfolio of solutions including end-to-end research operations, technology transitioning support, and data warehousing, visualization and reporting that enables them to better serve their clients.

Five of the top 10 U.S. retailers, four of the leading Australian retailers, many of the world’s largest brands and online marketplaces, and 10 of the top 25 market research firms work with Ugam because of its ability to deliver high-quality insights with unmatched customer experience.

The name Ugam comes from the ancient Sanskrit language and means “source” or “origin.” Ugam seeks to be the source of solutions for the complex problems of retailers, brands and market research firms worldwide. The name signifies the company’s position as a pioneer in the market for data and analytics, and the source of relevant actionable insights for clients.

Think Customer We believe that the best way to deliver value to our customers is by putting ourselves in their shoes. It’s imperative that we understand our customers' issues before we can start to solve them. That requires an authentic interest in their point of view and bringing a sense of curiosity and humility to every engagement. To us, thinking customer means listening actively—both to what is said and what is unsaid—to first diagnose the problem before designing and implementing a solution. That’s how we can create a meaningful impact.

Energize the Workplace We energize our workplace by making sure that our work is fun, educational, challenging, exciting, and motivating. We think that it should be worth braving the commute and inspire enthusiasm and commitment. We have the kinds of professional and personal opportunities that are only available at dynamic, open and growth-oriented companies. As Ugamites, we all must be able to feel comfortable raising concerns when they come up-and know that those concerns will be heard and addressed. And it's equally important that we can express a sense of humor and laugh with our colleagues. We owe it to ourselves, each other and our customers to foster a safe, energizing, and motivating environment where we can do our best work and celebrate the successes that come out of it.

Be Accountable To us, being accountable is the hallmark of great execution. That's why our organizational outcomes are able to exceed expectations. But on the occasion they come up short, we believe in taking responsibility and get it right the next time. By encouraging each other to plan ahead, we can anticipate problems and clear obstacles to get work done on time and in the right measures. We believe that owning our work means delivering without excuses. That’s why we value asking for help when we need it and offering help when we know others need it. Part of being accountable is saying what we will do and doing what we say, so that there are no surprises. And when we work together, we can give each other the confidence of knowing that we're all contributing to the team and company—and that the job is going to be done.

Push Boundaries Growth and innovation will be out of reach to us if we accept the status quo just because it's comfortable. That's why we must commit to pushing the boundaries of what we know and what we think possible. We can achieve more by challenging what is and solving problems in unique ways. We believe that pushing boundaries means stepping up and making decisions, taking risks, and learning from mistakes. With these freedoms, we can develop a sense of adventure that's daring but not reckless. We can generate ideas that are creative and unconventional but still promise quality and value for our customers.

Act with Integrity To us, acting with integrity means doing the right thing, even when no one is watching. It means committing to the delivery of only the highest quality solutions and services that are rooted in trusted data. And it means being honest with each other and forthright with our customers because we're always working in their best interest, versus our interest. When we behave in this way, we’ll always be motivated to do better work and be a better partner to our customers.

Collaborate to Win Ugamites pursue win-win outcomes by putting a great deal of value in effective collaboration and working toward common goals. We seek to understand others‘ points of view, then jointly and objectively explore every option for resolving whatever problem we are addressing. To us, collaboration means overcoming the apparent conflict of ideas and working toward a common objective by realizing that it's within the conflict itself that lies the value.

Embrace Diversity To embrace diversity, we aspire to override our innate tendency to connect with those who are like us by exploring the boundaries of self and embracing new thoughts and ideas, even when they're not ours. We must recognize that "my way is not the only way," which calls for humility and open mindedness. But embracing diversity means more than simply tolerating new ideas—it requires actively seeking out different views, learning from them, and experimenting with new perspectives. By igniting curiosity, we can generate new ideas and grow professionally and personally.

Leadership Team

Sunil Mirani, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Madhav Mirani, Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer

Mihir Kittur, Co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer

Naeem Harnekar, Vice President – Research Operations

Jackie Mold, General Manager – Europe

Navin Dhananjaya, Chief Solutions Officer

Irfan Karim, Chief Financial Officer

Vishal Katial, Vice President – Information Technology

Vaishali Mehta, Vice President – Human Capital Management

Board of Directors

Raj Nair, Chairman

Mohana Nair, Director

K. A. Ramakrishnan, Director

Sunil Mirani, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Madhav Mirani, Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer


Qualtrics is the world’s leading Research and Experience Management software provider. They help manage the four core experiences of any business – customers, employees, products, and brands. Our partnership with Qualtrics aims to seamlessly integrate Ugam’s data and analytics expertise with Qualtrics’ cutting edge experience management software, in order to help companies generate actionable insights within their organization to drive positive business impact.
Confirmit is a leading provider of products for feedback/data collection, panel management, data processing, analysis, and reporting. Our partnership with Confirmit enables businesses to maximize their ROI on the Confirmit platform. We do this by helping them listen to customers, markets and employees and analyze data to get faster actionable insights to drive business growth.
OC&C is a leading global strategy consulting firm that brings clear thought to complex issues. Ugam has partnered with OC&C to help augment their data analytics capabilities. OC&C will leverage our core strength of helping companies accelerate their digital transformation. Together, we will help operationalize insights by conducting ongoing analysis on consulting projects and jointly build analytics tools that can help the enterprise gain a better understanding of their competitive environment.
Ugam and Qualtrics


The rise of the digital consumer has created significant disruption in the traditional business models of retailers and manufacturers. The seamless combination of Ugam's data and analytics solutions and Qualtrics' cutting edge experience management software, provides customers an end to end solution to design, implement, generate and operationalize the consumption of actionable insights within their organization to drive positive business impact.